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Puppy Deposit Information

Updated November 2, 2015

We have experienced a very high demand for our puppies over the past few years. Its rare that we have puppies available for sale when they are 8 weeks old. We currently have about a 3 month waiting list for our pups. If you are serious about getting a dog from our program we highly suggest placing a deposit. Its most likely the only way that we will be able to sell you a dog. We feel we have created a great system for placing deposits on future puppies/litters. The system is outlined below the deposit lists.

French Bulldog Deposit List 2015
1st Pick Male: VICKIE UBBEN 1st Pick Female: MIGUEL LOPEZ
3rd Pick Male:  3rd Pick Female: LUIS SOLIS
4th Pick Male: 4th Pick Female:
5th Pick Male 5th Pick Female:
English Bulldog Deposit List 2015
1st Pick Male: 1st Pick Female
2nd Pick Male 2nd Pick Female
3rd Pick Male 3rd Pick Female
4th Pick Male 4th Pick Female
5th Pick Male 5th Pick Female
Due to the nature of the pet buying business, all deposits are NON REFUNDABLE; so make sure you are serious and ready before committing. When we hold a pup for you, it is taken off the market and other potential buyers will miss out on the opportunity of adopting that puppy at its peak purchasing time. In the unfortunate event that you cannot pay the remaining balance or cannot get the puppy for whatever reason, your money is credited towards any future puppy or stud service from us within the next 5 years.

Placing Deposits on a Puppy from a Future Litter or Breeding
If you are interested in a dog from a future litter please email or call us to discuss. Our puppies are in very high demand, so we suggest you plan in advance if you want a specific puppy from a future breeding. We have created a puppy waiting list for this purpose. Our list is first come first serve. Once you are on our waiting list, you will have priority over future potential buyers. Remaining balance for the puppy is due upon pickup/delivery of puppy. 

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