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We are blessed to have several wonderful carriers who fly our bulldogs as carry-on and hand deliver our puppies to their new owners at their nearest major airport. If buying your Frenchie from out of State, this is the least stressful means of transporting your puppy because he/she will be pampered in the climate-controlled cabin in the constant care of one of our carriers. Therefore, we can get you your Frenchie at any time of the year and anywhere in the U.S. with a major airport for a fee of $500 (depending on where you live and if our carriers can make it back home in one day or not).

Shipping Bulldog PuppiesMost airlines will not ship bulldogs as cargo if the weather is above a certain temperature, usually around 75 degrees. This is because of the bulldog’s inability to tolerate extremely warm weather. United Airlines has been one of the few companies that still ships bulldogs as cargo. We have had great success shipping bulldog puppies with United via their Petsafe program.

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